4 ways to befriend stress, navigate through intense situations with resilience

If you are seeking an answer on how to develop your relationship with stress, let us first tell you that if you often get stressed owing to job pressure, financial instability, personal concerns or health issues, you should know that you are not the only one. According to mental health professionals, stress is not bad but it is powerful and it indicates that something needs to change – and action needs to be taken.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ishan Shivanand, Founder of Yoga of Immortals, asserted, “What truly matters is your relationship with stress. As the part and parcel of life, stress is mostly unanticipated and beyond one’s control but what is under one’s control is their reaction towards it. I know people who befriend stress and navigate through intense situations with resilience.”

He advised, “Instead of learning ways to “cope” with it, define your own systems to build a healthy relationship with stress. This allows you to channelize your emotions effectively and remain in a state of flow even during unexpected circumstances in life.” He suggested some ways to redefine your relationship with stress –

● Practice Yoga-based meditative protocols: Activating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, meditative modalities integrated with techniques like breathwork, body consciousness, selective awareness and visualization allow not only the alleviation of mental health conditions but also improve quality of life.

Recent global researches have found that non-pharmaceutical protocols like Yoga of Immortals are capable to reverse anxiety, depression and insomnia among 72-82% of participants within 4-6 weeks of practice.

● Write the Golden Book: Writing a journal daily is an incredible way to reinforce positive belief systems and create neuropathways that help you manifest your highest potential. Visualize and write details of your immediate, mid-term and long-term goals on a daily basis with pure intention and emotion.

● Express gratitude more often: The emotion of gratitude holds the power to heal. Practice thankfulness for the little things you experienced during the day, and all that helps you learn, grow and evolve. This will enable you to build your own strength and capabilities.

● Bring awareness: Be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions. Even when you sit, eat or speak, bring awareness. Do at least one activity during the day with complete mindfulness. Pay attention to the present and be an active driving force in your life. Live a life of purpose and do not let life just happen to you.