5 Anklets & Bracelets to Perfectly Master a Traditional Look


Anklets, commonly called payal, are one of the most beautiful and oldest pieces of jewellery worn by many all across the globe. In India, married women traditionally wear it, and there is a belief that their sound brings good luck. Gold and silver anklets are popular, but you can also find anklets made of beads, leather or embroidery floss woven together. 

Bracelets or Kada are another trendy piece of jewellery worn by women and men. It could be oval-shaped or circular and made of gold, silver and steel. Indian men and women have been wearing bracelets for centuries, but the trend has evolved over time. Along with its religious significance, bracelets are now becoming a fashion statement. Let’s explore how.

The Timeless Charm Of Anklets And Bracelets

In ancient times, anklets were the symbol of a person’s social status. The silver anklets are widely popular in India because gold is considered the metal of god and cannot be worn on feet. Silver is linked with the Moon in astrology and is said to be created by Lord Shiva’s eyes. Hence, it symbolises wealth and prosperity; wearing silver anklets brings good luck and great fortune. Anklets are a very crucial part of a classical dance form called Bharatnatyam. The ghungroos attached to the anklet give a rhythm to the dance and create charming music, which makes the audience listen to the complex footwork.

The bracelets hold great significance in Indian culture and history. Evolved to be a fashion accessory, bracelets were once worn to protect the wearer from evil eyes and spirits. They represent the marital status in some cultures and hold religious significance in others. In ancient times, the bracelet signified the place of a wearer in the society and their wealth. If we see the darker side of the trend, then the enslaved people in older times were made to wear bracelets, which were used to indicate their ownership. Nowadays, people wear bracelets, signifying their religion, interest or cause they are associated with. 

With the changing times, the fashion trends and the craze for bracelets and anklets have evolved. They no longer represent cultural significance but are used in creating fashion statements.

Top 5 Anklets And Bracelets For The Perfect Ethnic Look

Silver Ghungroo Anklets

The melodic charm of a silver ghungroo anklet can never get dim, no matter what is trending on fashion streets. These anklets can be paired beautifully with contemporary as well as traditional outfits. Click on the links below and buy the one for you right away:

Kundan Bracelets

5 Anklets & Bracelets to Perfectly Master a Traditional Look

Kundan can never go out of fashion, so do the Kundan Bracelets. Wear this beautiful jewellery with a lehenga or a saree to get that royal look. Here are some products that you may like to purchase:

Beaded Anklets

5 Anklets & Bracelets to Perfectly Master a Traditional Look

The versatility of colourful beads in ethnic accessorising can never be ignored. You can wear these beautiful beaded anklets with fusion outfits or casual ethnic wear. Find a pair of lovely beaded anklets here:

Gold-Plated Cuff Bracelets

5 Anklets & Bracelets to Perfectly Master a Traditional Look

A must-have accessory, gold-plated cuff bracelets are versatile and add a touch of luxury and elegance to your overall look. You can perfectly stack gold and silver bracelets or wear them as is. Go for a boho-inspired cuff bracelet or get delicate cuff bracelets; choices are endless, as are the purchase options. Here are the links to some of the trendy cuff bracelets:

Tribal-Inspired Anklets

5 Anklets & Bracelets to Perfectly Master a Traditional Look

As the name suggests, tribal-inspired Anklets are designed by taking inspiration from the creative and colourful tribal cultures. These anklets are available in unique designs. Check by yourself by clicking the purchase links below:

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Pairing With Other Accessories: A Complete Look

Add a little glamour to your wrist and ankle with a pinch of shimmer to your ears and neck. 

To get that fantastic look, you should know what jewellery you will wear with what outfit. You can wear accessories that blend well with all kinds of outfits or something that stands out. 

  • Avoid wearing ornate jewellery with busy prints; you can wear solid bracelets, earrings and watches instead of showy accessories.
  • Level up your dressing game with a pair of fabulous earrings. Select the earrings keeping the shape of your face in mind; for example, studs may look great on oval faces, whereas drop earrings make the heart-shaped face look gorgeous. 
  • Try pairing the warm gemstones with a plain purple or blue outfit. 
  • Cool and warm shades blend in one way, but they also nicely blend with the opposites. Dark blue and deep green gemstones shine against the orange or yellow dress. Accessorizing is all about balancing between warm and cool colours. 
  • Wear gold or black jewellery with the classic attire. A cocktail dress paired with onyx gemstones or gold jewellery can make you stand out in a gathering.

While styling yourself, make sure that wearing jewellery on every part of your body is not necessary. Wear what complements your entire look.

Check some stylish jewellery options here:

Caring For Your Anklets And Bracelets

Anklets and bracelets are accessories worn daily; to ensure they retain their original shine, you must be extra careful. Here are some valuable tips to keep your jewellery clean.

Anklets Cleaning Tips  

  • Use the microfiber cloth to regularly remove the oils, dust, and dirt to clean your anklet. 
  • To clean a beaded or metal anklet, take a gentle soap and warm water and make a mild solution. Dip the anklets in water for a few minutes and use a soft toothbrush or a brush to clean them. Then rinse the anklets in clean water and pat them dry.
  • Be careful while cleaning the gemstone anklets. Many gemstones cannot withstand the chemicals and water. Use specialised jewellery cleaners suitable for a particular gemstone in such cases.

Bracelets Cleaning Tips 

  • To clean a beaded bracelet, use a soft cloth. Keep it separately in a jewellery box or a protective pouch. 
  • Apply the lotion, spray the perfumes first, and then wear your bracelet so that it is not affected by the chemicals.
  • Avoid keeping your jewellery in extremely damp or hot places. 


Set your style statement, embrace the artistry of tradition, and make a statement with your ethnic ensemble. Elevate your style, celebrate heritage, and adorn yourself with timeless jewellery. With these accessories, you’re not just wearing jewellery but expressing a legacy. Hop on the trends and be the best version of yourself. 

All our readers are welcome to share their favourite anklets and bracelet designs with us. We would be more than happy to have some styling tips from you all, and if you want, share your ethnic look with us in the comment box. 

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