5 multigrain snacks to enjoy as an evening meal with tea | Health

A hot drink that has captured the minds and hearts of Indians since the dawn of time is tea where for the majority of us, a cup of kadak chai would be necessary for breakfast, mid-meal snacks and the entire day. Snacks that are fried and crunchy, like samosas, kachoris, bonda and pakodas, come to mind when the topic of evening tea or mid-meal nibbling is brought up and people all around the country enjoy these Indian specialties but consuming them frequently can be quite unhealthy.

For Indians, drinking tea in the evening has become a regular ritual since it relieves tension and fatigue from the day. It’s time to unwind and spend time with the people you love so, when evening tea time comes around, you can’t help but think about samosas and pakoras to go with your tea where you have a strong chance of failing at all of your exercise and health objectives and your craving for fried food will take over.

You might not need to forgo your nighttime snacks, though, as long as you stick to your promise to consume only nutritious foods. Simply improve your decision-making when it is time to choose nutritious snacks.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prabhu Gandhi Kumar, Founder of TABP Snacks and Beverages, suggested top 5 multigrain snacks to enjoy as an evening meal with tea:

1. Multigrain Idli – Making multigrain idlis is simple. All you need to do is swap out the rice with healthy flours like bajra, ragi and jowar with a bit of whole wheat. Fenugreek seeds, another great food with anti-diabetic qualities, are also used in the dish.

2. Multigrain Murukku – Murukku, a delectable and crispy South Indian snack, is a typical food there. Murukku is a type of deep-fried snack that is created with ragi flour and packed with nutritious ingredients like oats and urad dal before being cooked to perfection.

3. Multigrain Garlic Bread – Let’s see your hands, Italian cuisine fans! Here, we offer you a better way to partake of this wildly popular food. A popular choice is chewy multigrain bread that has been oven-toasted and flavoured with tangy garlic and butter.

4. Multigrain Paratha – The recipe for multigrain paratha comes next. You may eat it anytime, whether for breakfast or a mid-meal snack. A delicious, wholesome paratha chock-full of jowar and ragi deliciousness!

5. Multigrain Pizza – Let’s give you another Italian recipe. Pizza deliciousness with none of the guilt. Take pleasure in the nutritious pizza produced with beneficial ingredients.