529 seats for BDS course still vacant in the mop up round

AHMEDABAD: The Admission Committee for Professional Undergraduate Medical Educational Courses (ACPUGMEC) on Friday announced that in the mopup round of admissions in MBBS and BDS courses, 529 seats in BDS have remained vacant. A committee statement said that these vacant seats include 399 general category seats, 10 EWS and 120 SEBC category seats.
The committee said that in the MBBS course, all the seats apart from 113 management quota seats have been filled in the mop up round.
The mop up round began from December 14 and will end on December 18.
As per the admission committee figures, 331 MBBS and 570 BDS state quota seats had remained unoccupied at the end of two admission rounds so the mop up round has been held.
There are a total 6,008 MBBS seats in the state, 4,796 of which are Gujarat state quota, 285 are national quota seats, 288 are management quota and 639 are NRI quota seats. There are 1,225 seats for BDS in the state which includes 36 national quota seats, 984 state quota seats, 87 management and 148 NRI quota seats. MBBS and BDS combined total availability of seats is 7,263 as per the committee figures.
As per rules, 15% of all UG medical seats and 50% of seats in PG courses in the state are reserved for the all India quota students. The remaining seats are state quota seats which are further divided as government, management and NRI quota seats.