6 ways to prepare your skin for winters

As we approach the winter months, gradually transitioning from the monsoons, it is imperative that we adjust and modify our skin care routine to meet the demands of the changing weather. Monsoon months tend to be humid and sticky, whereas the winter months tend to be dry. The skincare strategy used during both these conditions is completely contrary to the other, hence, the shift in strategy is abrupt and yet necessary. Failing to modify one’s skincare approach during this inevitable shift in weather conditions can lead to breakouts, chronic dryness, and
other potentially damaging and vexing skin conditions. To help simplify the process for you, we’ve put together a list of some effective and efficient ways to avoid skin problems this winter.

Avoid extremely hot showers and baths

Enjoying a hot water bath is a comforting and popular practice during the freezing winter months. However, this practice is detrimental to your skin health. It destroys the skin’s natural lipid barrier, and further dries out the skin. A short warm water bath can be equally as soothing without the negative effects of hot water. A helpful tip to keep in mind: apply some body oil before your bath, as this helps retain moisture in the skin that would otherwise be lost due to hot water.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

Although the winter months are dark and without a view of the scorching sun, it doesn’t mean you should avoid sunscreen. The harmful UV-rays of the sun are able to penetrate through the clouds on the darkest of days, and easily manage to penetrate through your skin. A natural sunscreen such as a Red Raspberry Cream that contains sufficient SPF properties and doubles as a moisturiser can help get your skin prepared for the harsh winters.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is perhaps one of the best skincare tips for any season or environmental condition. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, coffee, tea, or sugary drinks deplete vital nutrients in the body. Staying adequately hydrated with plain old water is the best way to keep your skin healthy. Additionally, staying hydrated promotes blood circulation within the skin, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Moisturise your skin

The winters are dry and detrimental to skin. Sufficiently moisturising your skin can help prevent chronic dryness and skin damage; a common occurrence during the winter months. Depending on your skin type, make sure to pick a moisturiser that works with your skin not against it. Hemp Seed Oil is a popular ingredient to look for in moisturiser due to its hydrating and moisture locking properties. What makes it popular is that it works equally well on all skin types.

Employ a well-balanced diet

A healthy diet is one of the most underrated aspects of an effective skincare routine. Fruits and vegetables help deliver paramount nutrients into the body, and ensure your skin looks youthful and radiant.

Exercise is vital

Exercise is imperative to prepare your skin for the harsh winter months, as it improves the blood circulation within the skin. This inevitably improves blood oxygenation, and adequately oxygenated blood improves the appearance and health of skin as it strengthens the skin cells with essential nutrients. Taking up activities such as yoga, running, or any physically challenging sport, can contribute greatly to an effective winter skin care routine.

With inputs from Namrata Reddy Sirupa Co-founder, Satliva.