84% of principal posts in Delhi government schools vacant

NEW DELHI: From principals to teachers, government schools in the city are facing an acute shortage of manpower, according to Directorate of Education (DoE) data.
Of a total of 950 sanctioned posts for principals, only 154 have been filled while 796, or 83.7%, are lying vacant. Most of the schools are being run by vice-principals. Even in the case of vice-principals, of 1,670 sanctioned posts, 565 (about 34%) lie unfilled.


Principals play a fundamental role in shaping a school’s vision. They lead, guide and inspire students and teachers alike. It is a matter of serious concern that so many government schools are without principals and vice-principals in the national capital. Without sacrificing due diligence, the vacancies should be filled up fast. We should understand what Arne Duncan, former US secretary for education, once said, “There are no good schools, without good principals. It simply doesn’t exist. And where you have good principals, great teachers come, and they stay, they work hard and they grow. ”

In the case of teachers, 21,910 of the total 65,979 sanctioned posts are yet to be filled, that is, 33% are vacant. These vacancies have been filled with 20,408 guest teachers, but it still leaves a gap of 1,502.

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“Recruitment of school principals is to be done by the UPSC. The exam has finally taken place. We are hoping to get a big lot of principals soon. It is the same with teachers,” said a Delhi government source. “The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board, which reports to the Centre directly, keeps delaying teachers’ recruitment.”
At present, out of 33,761 sanctioned posts of trained graduate teachers (TGT), well over a third (39.7%) — 13,421 — are vacant while 20,340 have been filled. TGTs teach up to class X.
In the case of postgraduate teachers (PGT), out of 17,714 sanctioned positions, 13,886 have been filled while 3,828 (21%) are vacant.
DoE: Guest teachers engaged for work
While one-third of all teaching posts in Delhi government schools are currently unfilled, the vacancy of miscellaneous teachers is 4,661, or 32%, out of a total of 14,504 sanctioned posts.
“It is not that the 33% vacant posts accounting for as many as 21,910 teachers are not filled. The Delhi government has evolved a model of employing contractual guest teachers against regular vacancies,” said a source in DOE.
“Against 21,910 vacant posts, 20,408 guest teachers are working. The guest teachers cannot share the financial and other related responsibilities or charges. As the employment is not permanent, commitment levels vary. Young guest teachers keep trying for different permanent employment opportunities and must take leave at frequent intervals. It is hard to find guest teachers for subjects such as maths, science, English and Urdu,” the source said.
The teachers’ posts are 75% promotional and 25% through direct recruitment. In the past two years, as enrolment of students increased in schools, requirement for teachers too increased, according to principals.
The principal’s posts are 50% direct recruitment and 50% on a promotional basis.