Aaftab tried to kill Shraddha over a week before May 18 but held back because…

Aaftab Amin Poonawala who is accused of murdering his live-in partner Shradda Walker by chopping her body into 35 pieces revealed to the cops that he had attempted to kill Shradda more than a week before May 18, when he strangled Shraddha to death — following an argument over marriage. Aaftab and Shraddha had a similar fight on that day too. “I was determined to kill her when she suddenly became emotional and started crying. So I held back for later,” Aaftab reportedly told the cops, according to an ANI report.

As Aaftab revealed how he looked up on the internet how to dispose of the body without raising suspicion, he said that whenever he was on any call, Shraddha used to get angry and doubt his commitment.

The gruesome details of the Delhi murder shocked the nation with an angle of ‘love jihad’ emerging. The killer drew ‘inspiration’ from web series and preserved Shraddha’s body in a freezer that he purchased for the purpose only so that he can dispose of the body parts one by one at night in the forest areas of Chhatarpur and Mehrauli. And the murder came to light six months after it took place when Shraddha’s friends alerted her family, as Shraddha was not in touch with her family as they opposed her relationship with Aaftab.

Shraddha’s head not yet found: Reports

According to police, Aaftab who is a trained chef first disposed of her liver and intestines after mincing them. As the investigation began and the case got transferred from Maharashtra to Delhi, the Delhi Police on Tuesday claimed to have recovered 12 body parts. But the victim’s head has not yet been traced.

With a nationwide call for strict punishment for Aaftab, the Delhi Police have widened its investigation net to include the dating app where Shraddha and Aaftab first met.

Who is Aaftab Amin Poonawala, the accused of the gruesome Mehrauli murder?

After the bone-chilling details of the pre-mediated murder and the planned execution have been revealed, Aaftab’s social media accounts are on the radar.

According to information on his Facebook profile, Aaftab went to St Francis High School, Vasai and attended LS Raheja College as he studied management.

Aaftab is also a trained chef and used to run an Instagram page featuring food recipes.

On his Facebook, he championed several causes including LGBTQ+ rights.