Adnan Sami says his physical transformation ‘was a question of life and death’ | Exclusive

Adnan Sami has undergone a massive weight loss. In an exclusive interview, the singer spoke about his physical transformation.

Adnan Sami on his physical transformation.


  • Adnan Sami underwent a drastic weight loss.
  • Talking about his physical transformation, he said, “It was question of life and death.”
  • On the work front, his song, Alvida, was released.

Singer Adnan Sami left everyone surprised by his drastic weight loss. He has also turned out to be an inspiration for everyone who wishes to stay fit and fine. In an exclusive interview with, Adnan Sami opened up about his journey of physical transformation. The Alvida singer mentioned that the journey had been challenging for him but he is glad that he achieved what he wanted to. Revealing why he decided to shed the extra kilos, the singer told, “I did it simply because I needed to do it. It was a question of life and death. But it just required a certain amount of discipline.”


After revealing why he decided to lose weight, Adnan Sami spoke about his diet routine. “I followed a routine whereby I followed a high-protein diet whereby it had no bread, no rice, no sugar, no oil. I was hoping to lose a little bit of weight but I ended up losing 130 kilos. It was something that I didn’t plan but it happened that way. Today, I am very careful about what I eat. I don’t try to overdo my consumption. I am happy with having small meals as opposed to large quantities,” he said.

Having said that, Adnan added that he would not recommend people to follow his diet as everyone’s body is different. “And the first thing that I would recommend to anybody is that before you take on any diet or routine, you must consult a nutritionist. It is because they will tailor-make something that will suit your body. And what works for me might not work for somebody else. So, it is important that people follow their own routine that will suit their body,” added Sami.


On a concluding note, Adnan Sami stated that weight loss was something that he needed to do and he did it for himself. “I didn’t realise that it would inspire many people, but I am just very happy that something I did was, has worked as an inspiration for others to do something positive for their own life. I am grateful for the ability to pass that inspiration on,” Adnan said while signing off.

On the work front, Adnan Sami’s new song, Alvida, was released on July 27.

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