After Varun Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi Alleges Ration Card Holders Coerced To Buy Tiranga

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that retailers were forcing ration card holders to buy the national flag, accusing the BJP of peddling “nationalism” and undermining the poor’s self-esteem, news agency PTI reported.

Gandhi remarked in a Facebook post in Hindi that the tricolour is our pride and that it lives in every Indian’s heart.

“Nationalism can never be sold. It is shameful that while giving rations, the poor are being asked to cough up Rs 20 for the tricolour,” Gandhi alleged.

While sharing the video showing some ration card holders complaining about being forced to pay Rs 20 to buy the flag, Rahul Gandhi stated, “Along with the tricolour, the BJP government is also attacking the self-respect of the poor of our country.”

“Shameful”: Varun Gandhi On ‘Buy National Flag To Get Ration’ Video

Earlier, Varun Gandhi, a BJP MP, has also taken a veiled jab at the government over a viral video in which many individuals claim they were compelled to buy a national flag for 20 when they went to ration stores to pick up groceries.

Calling it “shameful,” BJP MP said, “Ration card holders are being forced to buy the national flag or denied a share of grains they are entitled to. It is shameful to extract the price of ‘Tiranga’, which lives is in the heart of every Indian, by snatching the poor’s morsel of food.”

He stated that it would be sad if the 75th anniversary of independence became a burden on the poor.

(With PTI Inputs)