Air pollution scare rises in Delhi: Health consequences you should be aware of

As Delhi has started breathing bad air, it is mandatory to note the health consequences that the population residing in the national capital are prone to.

As per a 2021 report on Air Quality Life Index released by the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute: India is the most polluted country in the world, with more than 510 million people—or about 40 percent of the country’s

population—living in the Indo-Gangetic plains of Northern India where pollution levels regularly exceed those found anywhere else in the world by an order of magnitude. The residents of this region, which includes the megacities of Delhi and Kolkata, are on track to lose more than 9 years of life expectancy if 2019 concentrations persist.

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It also added that in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, the AQLI data reveal that the average person would live 5.6 years longer if pollution were reduced to meet the WHO guideline.