Alia Bhatt’s trainer demonstrates Vajrasana, speaks of its benefits | Health

Yoga comes with multiple health benefits. It is recommended by yoga experts to perform yoga asanas on a daily basis in order to stay fit and healthy. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility and the balance of the body. A lot of yoga asanas are focused on enhancing the strength of the muscles. Yoga asanas also boost cardiovascular health, blood circulation and the range of motion of the body. Performing yoga on a regular basis helps in alleviating pain and risk of chronic illnesses. Anshuka Parwani, yoga trainer to Bollywood celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor is known to share insights and tips related to yoga asanas on a regular basis on her Instagram profile. From yoga asanas to health-related tips, Anshuka’s Instagram profile is replete with helpful insights.

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Anshuka, on Tuesday, brushed our midweek blues away with a short video featuring herself performing Vajrasana. In the video, Anshuka can be seen sitting on her yoga mat with her knees folded and her feet positioned together and her palms on top of her knees. With the video, Anshuka also shared the benefits of Vajrasana. She further added that performing Vajrasana after a full meal helps in boosting digestion and preventing acidity and constipation as well. Take a look at her video here.

Vajrasana, also known as the thunderbolt or diamond pose, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving sleep and controlling the blood sugar levels of the body. Vajrasana also helps in enhancing the posture. “Kneeling asana that helps to strengthen the pelvic, thigh and leg muscles and ease menstrual cramps,” read an excerpt of Anshuka’s post about Vajrasana. Anshuka further added that even though Vajrasana is a simple yoga asana that can be performed by anyone, people suffering from knee or spinal cord issues should refrain from practising this asana.

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