‘All Chances’ That Putin Will Attend G20 Summit Next Year In India: Russian G20 Sherpa

New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi in September 2023, Russia’s G20 Sherpa Svetlana Lukash said on Friday, reported news agency ANI. The sherpa said that she is hopeful that the Russian President will attend the summit next year, however it is upto him to take the final call. 

“I hope that, of course, [Russia’s president] will go [to the G20 Summit]. But this, in any case, is up to him to decide. Now, when the next summit is one year ahead, I cannot give an answer to such a question. The way I see it, that there are all chances for this,” Lukash told Russian state news agency TASS on Friday.

The sherpa said that she is hopeful that her country nation would not miss a single event and highlighted the significance of Russia’s attendance in order to take a stand and express its opinions. 

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“I hope that we will not miss a single event – be it a meeting of a working group or a seminar, or a conference. It is important for Russia to participate in any event to demonstrate its position, express its views, and see the best practices that partners from other countries have,” Lukash was quoted as saying by TASS. 

India assumed the G20 Presidency on December 1. Putin has skipped the G20 Summit in Indonesia. In all during its G20 presidency, India intends to hold about 200 events across the country.

The first G20 Sherpa meeting under India’s Presidency took place in Udaipur on December 5 where Lukash said that digital transformation and innovations are key drivers of growth and development. She further said, “Hence proposed by G20 India as cross-cutting topics at all the G20 working tracks.”

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During the G20 Sherpa meeting, Lukash lauded India and Indian sherpa Amitabh Kant for putting ‘Women-led development’ as one of the group’s key priorities. 

“Grateful to #G20India and @amitabhk87 for putting ‘Women-led development’ as one of the key priorities of G20. Women are catalysers of positive transformations!” she had tweeted.