All you need to know about thinning hair

Hair loss is a huge problem amongst men as well as women. But the deeper issue is that the information regarding hair loss that is available freely is not only inaccurate but also misleading. There is a lot that needs to be known about hair fall. Firstly, you need to locate the exact cause of hair loss because it can happen because of multiple reasons.

Let us look at the major reasons that cause hair thinning

1. Stress – Stress puts the whole body’s functioning into distress and that leads to an imbalance of nutrients in the body which is basically the biggest reason for hair loss – inadequate nourishment.

2. Diet – The hair follicle derives nutrition from inside the body and what we give to it matters a great deal in giving us healthy or unhealthy hair. A diet deficient in biotin, zinc, and vitamin D leads to hair thinning.

3. Weight loss –
When we lose a lot of weight suddenly, we may also end up losing some important nutrients and develop deficiencies that will lead to hair loss.

5. Age – As we age the hair fiber starts getting thin due to natural wear and tear. This is regardless of gender and affects almost everyone.

How exactly does hair loss happen?
With any of the above causes, the hair follicle starts getting constricted and hair fiber starts getting thin. This also results in the miniaturization of hair health. When the hair fiber starts getting constricted, eventually it falls off. Once the hair falls off and the follicle is empty, it dies. Once the follicle dies there is no other option but to go for a hair transplant where hair is taken from the back and planted in the place where the follicle has died. But if you catch it well within time the process is reversible and it will revive the hair follicle and save it.With adequate nutrition, proper hair care, and treatments you can convert this hair degradation into a healthy hair.

What can you do?
There is a multitude of steps that you can take to handle hair loss. Firstly, one needs to manage stress since that is the biggest contributor to all hair and skin problems. Apart from that, please ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Proper nutrition is non-negotiable if you want healthy tresses. Apart from these, here are some other ways to tackle the hair loss problem –

Hair products: There are various hair serums easily available that can be helpful if chosen with due diligence. Medicated serums help in microcirculation and give the hair its health back. Ingredients like Mintop and propexil have proven results.The serums should be applied in the morning and evening. Serums are a great way to increase the follicle’s health.

It is not possible to cover the nutrition gap by just eating healthy food. To aid faster repair you can opt for supplements like multivitamins, folic acid, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Biotin, etc.

In-clinic treatments: There are many fast and simple in-clinic treatments that one can opt for to tackle an advanced level of hair loss. You can go for Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment or Mesotherapy- both of which have shown great results in reversing hair follicle degradation.

Some over-the-counter medicinal treatments like Minoxidil have also shown good results to treat hair. There is another medicinal treatment called Finasteride (Propecia) is a prescription hair loss medication that is suitable for men.

Although its common to lose hair, if you see a significant loss of hair or visible patches of hair loss you must take proper steps which could also include seeking medical help as it may be indicative of an underlying medical condition.

With inputs from Geeta Grewal, cosmetic surgeon.