Always felt like a stepchild, says tutor who killed mom

Mumbai: Sachin Kapoor, the tutor who has been arrested for bludgeoning his 74-year-old mother to death last week, has told the police that he had grown up feeling like a step child, and the hatred had been festering in his mind since then.

Sachin (40), a resident of Juhu, allegedly killed his mother Beena by repeatedly hitting her on the head with a baseball bat in their home on December 6. He then enlisted the aid of his house help, Chhotu Mandal, to dump the body in Raigad. Both the accused were arrested on December 7 and the body was recovered on December 8.

According to the Juhu police, Sachin told them in his interrogation that while a sudden argument triggered his murderous rage, it was fuelled by decades of step motherly treatment by his mother. “According to Kapoor, his father had suffered heavy business losses on the day of his birth, due to which his mother always called him an ill omen. He added that ever since he was a child, his mother favoured his elder brother over him, and the resentment had been building up ever since,” said a police officer. The officer added that the exact reason behind the argument on the day of the murder had not yet come to light. In his interrogation, he also said that while he regretted killing her, he was expecting something like this to happen sooner or later, police said.

The murder was discovered when Sachin’s elder brother, Nevin, who is based abroad, tried calling his mother as they would speak on the phone every day. When repeated calls went unanswered, Nevin first called Sachin, who did not respond, and then the Juhu police. The cops visited the Kapoor residence and the security guard told them that he had seen Sachin and Mandal take something wrapped in a plastic sheet to Sachin’s car.

Both the accused were subsequently arrested and the body, which was dropped in a 40-foot-deep gorge, was fished out a day later near Matheran. The baseball bat used in the murder has also been recovered. “Sachin hit Beena with the baseball bat 35 to 40 times and also kicked her repeatedly,” the officer said.