Amit Sadh turns down alcohol brand ad: Don’t want to associate brands which causes addiction

Sometime in 2020, actor Amit Sadh accepted an offer to endorse an alcohol brand, which he calls his weak moment. Since then, he has decided to shun away all the endorsement offers, especially the ones which cause health problems.

“I will not sell protein shakes because they’re not good for your health. Even if they give me billions, I will never take it. That is the kind of surety I have. I will never endorse an alcohol brand. You should not drink. It is not good for your health. We should be our senses,” Sadh tells us.

The 39-year-old continues, “I will never promote anything, which is not good for your health. If after listening to this statement, brands don’t want to give me advertisement deals, then don’t give me an ad. It’s fine. I’m an actor, bahut kaam hai, aur bahut support hai. Koi darr nahi hai. I came here to act, not to do advertisements”.

That’s because “as a human being and an actor” he has a responsibility towards the people who look up to him. Here, the actor looks back at the slip in his judgement.

“In 2020, all my projects including Breathe, Yaara, Shakuntala Devi, Avrodh: The Siege Within released, and I got so much love from everyone. From being just somewhere in the clouds, I was bombarded with so much love and adulation. Then I got Jeet Ki Zid, with which I got more busy, I got one commercial for an alcohol brand,” he said, adding that he sensed that something was off about the deal.

The actor, who is currently in the US working on a project, adds, “I even told the manager of that time that I was not convinced, but he gave me some examples, telling me that I was overthinking about it. I told him that in my country, youth is more sensitive and we need to curb this. But I went ahead despite my doubts. When it was released, he told me not to check Instagram because some fans are neutral, but some are upset. I spent the night reading those messages, and the next morning, I admitted my mistake. At that time, no matter how busy I am or whoever tells me, I’m going to be a man of my own and not get influenced by anyone”.

From that day till today, he has relied on his gut while taking every step in his life. Following his heart, he declined another deal by a bigger international alcohol brand, just two months after the first incident.

“They even raised the offer. When I said no, I got a backlash with people telling me that no one will offer me ads if I keep declining… I was so disgusted with people threatening me. To that my answer is I don’t need it. I didn’t come here for it”.

He adds, “I don’t need brands which cause unhappiness to my fans, bad health and addiction”.

Right now, the actor wants to focus more on acting rather than endorsement deals. “I don’t want to do ads right now. I want to focus on acting. I don’t want to be greedy. My projects do well, and get me sufficient earnings so that I can take care of myself as well as my closed ones. I’m very satisfied and happy,” he says while signing off.