Anand Mahindra Shares Photo Of Earth Taken From Mars, Adds A Message

Anand Mahindra Shares Photo Of Earth Taken From Mars, Adds A Message

Anand Mahindra shares captured image of Earth from Mars that shows Earth a tiny dot-like structure.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, is an avid social media user who shares intriguing posts that grab the curiosity of users.

On Thursday, he reshared an image of Earth captured from the planet Mars reportedly by NASA’s Curiosity rover. It shows the Earth as a tiny dot. Mr Mahindra said the image teaches a very important lesson: Humility.

“This amazing photo was actually taken from Mars. Yup, the planet Mars and that tiny star-like white dot there is our beloved Earth! NASA,” the handle which posted the photo wrote on Twitter.

Mr Mahindra re-posted the image with the following message: “If there’s just one thing this photo should teach us….it’s humility…,” he shared.

Since being shared, the post has accumulated over 4,000 likes and over hundreds of shares.

A user shared a picture of the Earth taken years ago and wrote, “This was taken by Voyager from 4 billion miles away in 1990. Makes our planet and everything in it so insignificant. In a strange way, it brings solace.”

Another said, “we are just a small speck of dust in this entire universe.”

According to a blog from the American Space Agency NASA, the Earth shines brighter than any star in the Martian night sky.

Curiosity, which arrived on Mars on August 6, 2013, is the biggest and most sophisticated rover yet deployed to the Red planet. It studies the geology of its surrounds and has discovered indications of a previous environment suitable for microbial life.

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