Animal you spot in this optical illusion says a lot about your personality

Optical illusions have long mystified and delighted audiences, and some of the better ones that really grab viewers mix personality tests with another well-liked internet pastime. So how does it function? Depending on the animal you identify with initially in a photograph, the illusion first published in Your Tango can reveal something about your personality. Which of the nine creatures in the picture below do you notice first?

A stallion, a wolf, a rooster, a hawk, a crab, a praying mantis, a dog, a dove , and a butterfly, are among the nine creatures seen in the picture.

The idea behind this optical illusion is straightforward: simply glance at the image and identify the animal you see first. Then, read on to learn what that reveals about you. Don’t overthink it, just follow your gut reaction when you first see the picture.