Another Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA Claims ‘Lord Hanuman Was Tribal’

Lord Hanuman has been referred to as a tribal by a Madhya Pradesh-based Congress legislator. The assertion was made on Friday during a rally in the Dhar district by MLA Umang Singhar. Arjun Singh Kakodiya, another Congress leader, had previously referred to Lord Shiva and Bajrangbali, or Lord Hanuman, as tribal. According to Singhar, who represents the Gandhwani seat in the Dhar district, Lord Ram was transported to Lanka by the tribal people, news agency PTI reported.

He asserted that although some authors stated there was an army of monkeys, this was untrue. All of them, he claimed, were forest-dwelling indigenous people.

Addressing a gathering, Singhar stated: “Those who write stories give twists. But I say that Hanuman is also a tribal. He had taken Lord Ram to Lanka. So, we are his descendants. We are descendants of Birsa Munda, Tantya Mama and Hanuman. Say with pride that we are tribals.”

A Congress MLA from the Barghat district stated earlier this month that Lord Shiva was a tribal figure who took poison to rescue the world.

“Nectar came out of manthan (churning). Smart people drank nectar and poison was left behind. What to do with that poison? Who drank that poison? Bhole Bhandari (Lord Shiva) who lives in the Himalayas drank it,” Kakodiya was quoted by PTI in its report.

The legislator further claimed that tribals are called ‘Bhole Bhandari’. “The tribals gave life to the world by drinking the poison. Our society is so glorious. All these people came out of us, that’s why we respect all of them,” he said.

Kakodiya had claimed in May that Bajrangbali was a tribal forest inhabitant who aided and protected Lord Ram.

“There was no Ayodhya, Kshatriya or Brahmin sena but (it was) the tribal community (that) helped Lord Ram,” Kakodiya had said while addressing a public meeting in the presence of MP Congress president Kamal Nath in Udepani village.