Anupamaa written update September 20: Anupamaa confronts Pakhi and Leela for taking her for granted

In this episode of Anupamaa, Kavya and Vanraj have a heart-to-heart about Vanraj’s past actions against Anupamaa, primarily his extra-marital affair and the circumstances of their relationship. Anupamaa is brought tea and an apology from Kavya for her past behavior and she accepts the gesture. Pakhi and Leela gang up on Anupamaa and her decision to reveal Paritosh’s affair, but Anupamaa retorts at them and contemplates never coming back to the Shah mansion. Anuj comforts Anupamaa after her stressful day and has an inspiring message for her. Keep reading this article to know more. Also Read| Anupamaa recap: Kinjal has a panic attack, Anupamaa calms her down

Kavya and Vanraj talk about his betrayal of Anupamaa

The conversation starts with Kavya explaining to Vanraj that the effect of pain decreases over time, but if someone has witnessed something firsthand, it’s hard for them to forgive or forget. Vanraj replies that he had completely forgotten about his past actions against Anupamaa. But when Paritosh cheated on his wife, he was reminded of the same and how it must have affected Anupamaa at the time. He also admits that men always try to either justify or find excuses for their actions instead of owning up and taking responsibility for it.

Kavya said that God tests people like Kinjal and Anupamaa who are more good-natured. The next day, Kavya brings some tea for Anupamaa along with an apology for her past actions. She said it may not make things better, but it is something she needed to get off her chest. Anupamaa thanks her for the tea and the apology and goes ahead to wish Kinjal goodbye.

Leela and Pakhi gang up on Anupamaa

Pakhi tells Anupamaa that she ruined her own family, and then Toshu and Kinjal’s family. She says that even Rakhi kept mum but Anupamaa went ahead and exposed Paritosh. In response, Anupamaa asks her why children wish for their mother to suffer and forgive the actions of their father or her husband, but children get to tell their parents ‘my life, my rules.’ Leela also gets agitated and asks Anupamaa to never return to the Shah house. Anupama retorts by asking Samar to take a video of her making these comments so that the next time she calls for her, she can be shown the video. Anupamaa returns home into Anuj’s arms. He motivates her and tells her to keep hope.

In the next episode, Kinjal plans to leave the Shah family and is just about to exit when Rakhi catches hold of her and asks her why she is leaving. Anupamaa faces a dilemma of whether to return to the Shah family household following Leela and Pakhi’s comments.