Archana Gautam And Sajid Khan Get Into A Huge Brawl, Latter Forbids Her From Performing Kitchen Duties

New Delhi: The house of  ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is reeling from the aftermath of the nominations that shook a few alliances. It is currently divided into this week’s captain and Raja of the house Sajid Khan’s favorite and non-favorite contestants. Amid the tension brought on by the nominations drill, Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary revisit their fight over the duties of the house. It all starts with Sajid assigning Priyanka duties, which seem meager to Archana. Priyanka is annoyed with Archana for meddling with her duties and the latter label her as ‘nikammi’, who enjoys free lunches in the house. Archana launches a series of taunts targeted at Priyanka for faking confidence about winning the trophy and being footage savvy. Once best friends, Archana and Priyanka are now captured bickering away over several issues.  

Known for treating everyone as her competition, Archana gets into a huge brawl with captain Sajid Khan. What angers Sajid is Archana’s refusal to execute the task he assigns to her.  She reasons, ‘Aap ka task hai na, Bigg Boss ka thodi na hai’. Livid with Archana’s disobedience and obstinacy, Sajid asks Archana to get out of the kitchen and forbids her from performing kitchen duties as punishment. Priyanka Choudhary gets into the fight and tells Archana: “If you can’t be a daasi then you cant be a maharani.” Later, Archana fights with Shiv Thakare. He is seen telling Archana that she will be crying by the end of the day. Shiv takes all her clothes from the wardrobe and tells her he will burn them. Archana then tells Shiv that if anything happens to her clothes, she will destroy all his wearables. 
“Tere kapde phaar dungi.” 

While tempers continue to fly, ‘Bigg Boss’ reprimands captain Sajid Khan for not taking the distribution of duties seriously by resorting to a chit system. As he’s the raja of the house, he is exempted from punishment for his folly. However, Sumbul Touqeer, bears the brunt of his mistake. Since she helped Sajid prepare the chits, she is punished by being relegated to the non-favourite troop.  

It’s time for the ration task of the week! In this task, ‘Bigg Boss’ announces that the contestants must raid ‘Raja ka Godaam’ which is stocked with ration. The task starts with contestants wearing black masks and as the light goes off, they must enter the godaam and begin stealing until the captain presses the buzzer to end the round. The contestants who continue to steal after the buzzer is sounded off will be fouled. Will the ration task give rise to more fights in the house?  

‘Bigg Boss 16’ airs every Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 PM on Colors and Voot.