Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Praise For Mr Beast’s Weight Loss Transformation Wins Internet

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Praise For Mr Beast’s Weight Loss Transformation Wins Internet

Arnold Schwarzenegger invited Mr Beast to train with him.

Former bodybuilder-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has praised the weight loss transformation of Mr Beast, a popular YouTuber. Responding to the “before and after” pictures posted by the content creator, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, Mr Schwarzenegger said he should “keep pumping” adding that he is ready to help him in his bodybuilding journey. Mr Beast had shared an update on his remarkable progress, acknowledging that he still has a considerable distance to go but expressing contentment with his achievements thus far.

“Wow – fantastic work. Keep pumping and inspiring people! Let me know if you’re in LA and want to get a lift in,” Mr Schwarzenegger tweeted. Responding to the tweet, which got more than 12 million views, Mr Beast said, “Yoooo, that’d be awesome.”

Mr Schwarzenegger then accepted the request with a GIF and said, “Now our fans are demanding it. I can’t wait.”

Mr Beast’s followers too were blown away by the conversation. “broo imagine Arnold asking you to have a workout together, and even insisting,” tweeted one user.

“I ain’t even a MrBeast fan like that but this is a W (win),” tweeted another.

At an interview on ‘The Colin and Samir Show‘ on YouTube, Mr Beast candidly discussed his fitness journey, shedding light on his disciplined routine that encompasses weightlifting and a daily target of 12,500 steps – a regimen he has diligently adhered to for nearly a year.

“In collaboration with Eric, another YouTuber, we made a pact to exercise every single day, and failure to do so would result in getting a tattoo of each other,” he disclosed. “Of course, it’s okay to take occasional breaks as part of your program, so I do have rest days. However, for the past 310 days, we have worked out without fail, supporting and holding each other accountable. It has been an incredible experience.”

He further elaborated, “I was completely absorbed in my channel, and one day it struck me that I hadn’t been prioritizing my own well-being or fitness. Until now, my focus has primarily been on shedding fat, as it becomes more challenging to build muscle during the fat loss phase. Nonetheless, it has been an enjoyable journey.”

Mr Donaldson graciously shared his advice for those seeking to embark on a weight loss or fitness journey of their own, stating, “All it takes is consistent dedication to working out for three months, and it will naturally integrate into your lifestyle. A year ago, I couldn’t fathom how I would manage to commit to this regimen religiously, given our demanding schedules and numerous commitments. Yet, now it has truly become a habit.”