Ayan Mukerji On Spin-Off Plans For Shah Rukh Khan’s Character In ‘Brahmastra’: ‘Already Thinking About It’

New Delhi: Ayan Mukerji’s directorial venture ‘Brahmastra part 1: Shiva’ is doing great at the box office. Ever since its release, the film has become a topic of discussion among moviegoers. Apart from the film’s impressive VFX, Shah Rukh Khan’s extended cameo in the film has been one of the most talked about parts of the film. SRK plays Mohan Bhargav, a scientist who wielded Vanarastra, and his cameo is loved by everyone. Fans took to social media to demand a spin-off based on his character. 

In a conversation with The Indian Express, Ayan Mukerji has now revealed that the makers have also been thinking about a spin-off for his character. “Before the fans were saying it, we were also saying that ourselves. When we were shooting the sequence in 2019, we were also saying on sets. As we discovered the personality of the scientist, we said, ‘Yaar, we have to do stuff. We have to do the origins story of the scientists,” the director was quoted as saying by Indian Express. 

Ayan said his team is already thinking about it and planning the next moves. 

“We were also vibing on that frequency, my assistants and I. So, I guess my response to the spin-off demand is that: We are already thinking about it. We are hearing everything and are planning our next moves,” the director told Indian Express. 

Ayan Mukerji also revealed that the second part of Brahmastra will chronicle Dev’s backstory as well as continue the present-day timeline and they are planning for a 2025 release for it. 

“We have our target. We would like to make this film and have it come out three years from now. It is a tough timeline for us considering how much time part one took. But now we have also learnt how to make these kinds of films,” Ayan told The Indian Express. 

Earlier, an online petition was started requesting the makers of ‘Brahmastra’ for a spin-off with Shah Rukh Khan.  

The petition reads: “I request Dharma Productions and director Ayan Mukerji to make a spin-off of Bhrahmastra featuring Mohan Bhargav, played by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan”. 

There are now 3100 signatories to the petition, and that number is growing rapidly. 

‘Brahmastra Part 1- Shiva’ stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role alongside Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy among others. Deepika Padukone also had a cameo in the film.