BAJMC from Bennett. The advantages it has over other universities

If you are one who is curious about whatever is happening in the world and has the ability to convey your messages to a mass audience, then a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication is the best option for you that helps you to seek better career paths in the field of mass media. Getting yourself enrolled at one of the best colleges in India for mass communication can lead to a successful future while providing you with a plethora of job opportunities.


What is BAJMC

Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass communication is a three-year graduate program that encompasses the process of delivering information to the masses through different mediums. It offers you specialized courses that you can choose to pursue your further studies in a particular field of Mass Media. It provides you the opportunities to connect directly with the public emotionally, mentally and professionally through various career options which contribute to the welfare of society.

BAJMC not only educates you about the particular field of mass media but also offers you knowledge about various other fields that work in collaboration with Journalism and Mass communication like marketing, advertising, content creation, public relations, politics, and many more. It also supports you in doing your startups and helps you to have media relations which will take your business to higher levels.

Why pursue BAJMC from Bennett


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Bennett University is one of the best journalism colleges in India, and has its legacy with The Times Group, which is one of the most profound media groups throughout the world. It is different from other colleges that offer programs in journalism and mass communication, due to its direct connection and collaboration with various national and international educational institutions and industries.

Top reasons why pursuing a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication from Bennett University can be one of the best decisions of your life,

1. Curriculum designed by companies themselves – The curriculum of BAJMC in Bennett University, which is one of the best journalism colleges in India, has originally been developed and designed by the guidance of the editors and managers of Times Group, along with the collaboration of seven other top entertainment companies, that has done subsequent updates in the curriculum as,

  • The Times of India: Print Journalism curriculum
  • Times Now: Television curriculum
  • Radio Mirchi: Radio curriculum
  • Times Internet Limited: Digital Journalism and Mobile Journalism curriculum
  • Times Internet Limited: Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Curriculum
  • Mediawire: Public Relations curriculum
  • Junglee Pictures: Film Studies curriculum

2. Specialization – BAJMC at Bennett University offers you a variety of top demanding specializations, that you can choose from to study the deep knowledge of your desired field of mass media. Each specialization course has two components, i.e, the specialization project should be done individually or as a group, and attending the labs and outdoor assignments are mandatory for students. It has six options of specializations to choose from, which includes, Print Journalism, Television Journalism, Web and Mobile Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations and Films.

3. State-of-art infrastructure – The program of BAJMC at Bennett university has a state-of-art infrastructure for the journalism and mass communication students, which consists of high-tech and well-equipped studios, and laboratories that accommodate the latest software, that helps you to gain experience through the project and practical based learnings.

  1. Television studio
  2. Radio studio
  1. iMac and Window laboratories
  2. Mobile media laboratory
  1. Print: Affinity Publisher
  2. Audio: Audacity
  3. Video Editing: Final Cut Pro
  4. TV Talk Shows and Broadcasts: Streamyard
  5. Photographs: Affinity Publisher
  6. Infographics: Canva
  7. Web publishing: Content management system that is used by Times Group Editors
  8. Editing on Mobile phones: FilmoraGo for Androids and iMovies for iPhones
  9. Script writing for films: Celtx

Legacy of Times Group – One of the main reasons why Bennett comes among the best journalism colleges in India, is its legacy with the Times Group. The program of BAJMC is initiated by this media group, which offers practical exposure to the students and also provides them the opportunity to visit the state-of-art Times group studios, printing press, guest lectures of senior editors, and included journalism as a part of its course curriculum. The Times group also provides hands-on training to the students on the content management system which is used by the website of

Internships with top industries – Bennett offers internship opportunities to the BAJMC students in top profound industries, as part of the curriculum. The internships are organized directly by the Times School of Media and the Career services center of the university at different media houses in the field of print journalism, television journalism, digital media, social media, PR companies, Event management companies, etc. It supports the students to gain experience at companies like India Today, Indian Express Digital, Ad Factors, NDTV, Buzzfeed India Pvt. Ltd, and many others.


Studying BAJMC from the top media group is what the ideal education looks like. Pursuing BAJMC from Bennett university provides you great opportunities to learn directly from one of the profound media groups, i.e, the Times Group, and every step of delivering knowledge of journalism and mass communication to the students is well-developed and organized by the Times group itself. Hence, it is one of the best colleges in India for mass communication.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Bennett University