Bengal schoolgirl tries to end life due to family tensions

Kolkata: A Class 9 girl student in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas on Thursday tried to commit suicide after leaving a note in the answer-sheet of her examination paper, ostensibly due to family tensions.
The student, certified by her teachers as extremely meritorious and studious, tried to end her life by jumping from the first floor of the school building, minutes after the examination was over. However, fortunately, she has survived and is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Doctors have informed the school authorities as well as the girls’ guardians that her condition is stable and she is out of danger.
The teachers of the student confirmed that the student, an extremely meritorious one and a ranker in all annual examinations, was disturbed because of regular feuds in her family as her parents were on the verge of separation.
“We came to know of this problem first from one of her friends and later from her. We tried to convince her to get out of her mental agony and concentrate on her studies. We even asked her parents to meet us, so that we could discuss the problem. However, they did not turn up.
“Now after she took such a drastic decision after keeping a note in the examination answer-sheet that she will do something after the examination. We noticed that note later and by that time she had taken the step,” said a teacher of the school who refused to be named.
Dr Tirthankar Guha Thakurata, a faculty of Kolkata-based KPC Medical College and Hospital and a visiting faculty with the Department of Psychology of the University of Calcutta, said that the event of attempting suicide after leaving a note on the answer- sheet is evidence that the poor girl’s mind was divided between her inclination for studies in the conscious mind and the problems of family feud in her sub-conscious mind.
“But she was unable to share her dilemma with her parents which she did with some of her school friends as reported. This is an inherent tragedy that children of broken families often go through,” he said.