Bigger National Flag Drapes Indian Mission In UK Amid Pro-Khalistan Protest

Bigger National Flag Drapes Indian Mission In UK Amid Pro-Khalistan Protest

Indian embassy building in London is draped with a large national flag

New Delhi/London:

A bigger national flag than the previous ones has been unfurled on the Indian High Commission’s building in London amid protest by Khalistani supporters. The embassy on Monday, in an epic response to protesters, had unfurled a slightly smaller flag on the building after Khalistani supporters pulled down the Indian flag outside the building.

Today, as over 2,000 Khalistani supporters turned up again in front of the building, some of them throwing ink, water bottles and powdered colours at the police, the Indian embassy draped the side of the building with the national flag.

Visuals show about a dozen embassy staff on the terrace holding a long tricolour as in a human chain.

Unlike the chaotic scenes on Sunday, the Khalistani supporters were barricaded across the road with police officers standing guard and patrolling the area.

The extra security in London came shortly after the police in Delhi removed traffic barricades outside the British High Commission, in a move interpreted by some as a demonstration of India’s displeasure with the breach in London. The police have explained the move as removal of barricades that were “creating hurdles” for commuters.

Following protests by India, the London Metropolitan Police have taken no chances, parking more than 20 buses near the India House and deploying mounted troops to patrol the streets.