Border Row Makes India-China Ties Difficult, But…: Top Chinese Diplomat

New Delhi: The India-China ties is facing ‘difficulties’ due to the border tension in Ladakh sector of Line of Actual Control (LAC) but neither of the countries was war or confrontation, China’s Charge D’affaires Ma Jia said on Wednesday, news agency PTI reported.

Addressing a media briefing in New Delhi, the top Chinese diplomat termed the border situation as ‘very complicated’ and said it wasn’t easy to reach an agreement which is why the two countries were holding discussions through the established Working Mechanism for Consultation and Cooperation.

“There are difficulties, I have just said that. But, we have to face it. We are also confident that China and India do not want war. Neither of us want a war. Neither of us want confrontation along the border areas,” the top Chinese diplomat said, giving her assessment of the border situation.

The top diplomat said that the border issue has lived through many years and it is not easy to reach an agreement.

“That is why we keep on talking about it. We have to face the problems and we have to talk. I think the intention on both sides is to improve relations. Our two leaders already have consensus on that and I think we can find a way out,” Ma said.

She further said the situation with regard to the issue in Ukraine had “intensified” since the consensus at G20 Summit at Bali and it was now “more difficult to reach the accommodation”.

It is to be noted that her remarks come in the wake of a joint statement after a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping indicating that the two sides will oppose the use of multilateral platforms to take up “irrelevant issues”.

“As long as you are out of the track and discussing prominent security issues on economic and financial platforms, it is very difficult to reach consensus. In G20, we have this consensus principle. Even if one country does not agree, it is not a consensus,” she said.