Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Available On Flipkart From July 22, 2022

Electric scooter manufacturer Bounce Infinity is set to start offering its E1 scooter to buyers in Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and New Delhi via e-commerce platform Flipkart. Sales of the scooter via Flipkart is set to commence from July 22, with Bounce already listing prices for the scooter on the platform. Buyers though will only be paying the ex-showroom price for the scooter on the e-commerce platform with other charges such as registration, accessories and value-added services to be paid directly to the dealer.

Commenting on the new marketing move, Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-founder, Bounce said, “The electric vehicle industry in India is at the cusp of an innovation and we’ve been at the forefront of offering customers the best-in-class EV solution in the form of Infinity E1. We firmly believe that electric scooter distribution will be an omni channel play and e-commerce will play a crucial role in its geographical expansion and bringing customer delight. We are delighted to make our products available on Flipkart as we find synergies in our vision of fulfilling customers’ evolving requirements in a seamless manner.”

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Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Available On Flipkart From July 22, 2022

Bounce says that following an order being placed on Flipkart, customers will be contacted by their nearest authorised dealer which will handle all matters relating to registration, insurance and delivery. Bounce says that it will home deliver its scooters ordered via Flipkart within 15 days.

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The E1 is Bounce’s maiden electric scooter with the company having announced prices for it last year. Deliveries for the scooter however only commenced earlier this year with buyers offered a range of purchase options such as purchasing the scooter with or without a charger and with or without a battery pack – buyers can subscribe to a battery pack plan with the latter. It however remains to be seen if buyers will be offered the full range of purchase options via the e-commerce platform.