Bringing a new kitten home? Dos and don’ts you must remember

Kittens need your love, attention and care but they also are independent right from the word go. Thus, creating a separate space for them is important before you bring them home. Cats and kittens may take some time to mix up, so it’s advised to first make them comfortable in a pet-friendly room and then gradually take them through other places of your house. Spending a lot of time with kittens is important for them to bond with you well. As they will get familiar with the new parent and the new routine, they will feel more comfortable around you. (Also read: Is your cat suffering from arthritis? Know the warning signs)

“Whenever a new member is welcomed into a family a lot of preparations and arrangements are done. Small nitty gritty things have to be taken care of baby kitten. Some key points need to be kept in mind by the pet owner,” says Karan Gupta- Founder of Goofy Tails. He also shares some tips to take care of your new kitten.

How to take care of new kittens:

• Creating a space for the new family member, ‘your baby kitten’, is the first thing you need to do. A comfortable and pet-friendly room without wires or cage for them to relax and feel comfortable in.

• Kittens need to be trained on how to pee and poop in a litter box just like babies. Litter boxes are readily available in the market.

• While adopting a kitten, you should be aware of the preferred food and the amount that needs to be given. Pet owners need to keep in mind that for the next 4-5 days they should not change the brand of the packaged food that they consume. It is important to ask the breeder on what was being fed. It is advised to continue the same food for 4-5 days allowing the cat to settle in. Too many changes in their environment can be stressful for them

• Spending time with your kitten from the beginning is crucial. Ideally, pet owners should bring/adopt them on Friday so that they can spend the next two days familiarising themselves with them.

• There are some important accessories you need to get hold of like cat friendly toys, cat collar etc.

• Do not disturb kittens while sleeping as they tend to oversleep.

• Strict and mandatory guidelines need to be told to every member in the family so that everyone follows the same and the kitten gets friendly with the whole family.

• Over feeding must be avoidable this may result in loose motions or vomiting and may create a serious problem for them.

• Cat/kittens should have an access of water; they know how and when to drink.

• Vaccinations should be recorded by pet owners and should not be overlooked.

• Please take the kitten to a trusted vet to get them checked

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