Canada Police Several Victims British Columbia Shooting Langley RCMP Sergeant Rebecca Parslow

New Delhi: Several people have been reported dead in an early morning shooting spree in the Canadian province of British Columbia, as reported by the news agency Reuters. An emergency alert was issued soon after 06:00 local time (13:00 GMT) warning of “multiple shooting scenes” in downtown Langley. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) that several people were killed, but did not specify how many.

“In the early morning hours of July 25, 2022, the Langley RCMP responded to multiple report shots fired with several victims and several different scenes throughout the City of Langley and one scene in the Township of Langley. Out of an abundance of caution, an Emergency Alert was issued until investigators can confirm that the suspect was acting alone,” said Langley police as reported by Daily Mail.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, several people had been killed in the shooting, as reported by Reuters.

“We do have a male suspect in custody. However, we are ruling out any other outstanding individuals before we stand the emergency alert down,” Sergeant Rebecca Parslow told the CBC.

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According to Reuters, two black SUVs, one riddled with bullet holes in its windshield, were spotted in a ditch near the shooting site. The police believe the attack was targeted and the victims were homeless.

Meanwhile, RCMP have closed a major route through the centre of the city, 200 Street and mentioned some places for the public to avoid which include: 200 Street and the Langley Bypass, Cascades Casino on Fraser Highway and 204 Street, The Langley bus loop at Logan Avenue and Glover Road, as reported by CBC.