Capricorn Horoscope Today, Sept 26, 2022: Profitable opportunities coming | Astrology

CAPRICORN(Dec 22-Jan 21) Working Capricorn professionals may fare better in their careers today, while businesspeople may face some tense moments. Developments on the professional front are likely to be in your favour, bringing excitement and contentment. Today, negative thoughts can dominate your mind. Because of this, your decision-making can be impacted. Capricorns should seek out informed feedback before taking any decision; else they may deprive themselves of some profitable opportunities. A situation cropping up on the family front will need to be tackled with understanding and tact. Your health may gradually improve, and you are likely to remain in good shape till the end of the day. Travelling seems to be on the cards, be it for work, education, personal life or sharing some private moments with your spouse. It promises to be advantageous. Capricorn students need to put forth their best efforts to achieve favourable results in their academics and higher studies. It’s an auspicious time to organize a function or ceremony on the social front.

Capricorn Finance Today Capricorns need to be practical in financial matters. Don’t be so kind-hearted as to give a loan to someone you know will not return it! You are likely to burn your fingers in a hastily conceived financial deal. The value of something that you had invested in is likely to depreciate.

Capricorn Family Today Domestic life looks pleasant today. Some Capricorn individuals may visit a religious or relative’s place for a ceremony. On this pretext, if any family dispute has been going on, then that too will be solved. You can expect positive vibes and bonhomie in your household!

Capricorn Career Today Planning for a new project can find Capricorn natives busier than usual. This can be one of those days when you may not have a shortage of work in your career. However, avoid desperation and adopt a calm attitude. Discuss well with your colleagues and supervisors to meet deadlines.

Capricorn Health Today Today may be better in terms of health as compared to the last few days for Capricorn individuals. Keep doing your regular workout to stay fit. Excesses can have an adverse effect on your health, so maintain a distance from doing excesses.

Capricorn Love Life Today Your romantic partner pushing you to fulfil his or her ends cannot be ruled out on the romantic front, but you really won’t mind! Capricorn natives succeed in winning the trust of the person they like, paving the way for an exciting romance.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Yellow

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