Christmas beauty hacks: 5 easy make-up hacks you must try this festive season | Fashion Trends

The festive month of the New Year and Christmas is brimming with mouthwatering treats, tasteful accents, attractive outfits, and joyful vibes everywhere. We all like getting dressed up for Christmas in chic attire and beautiful makeup. After all, we all want to look perfect as we enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. It all boils down to knowing the best makeup tricks that’ll give you that desired look in minutes. Even if you are not a pro at doing make-up these super easy hacks can give a perfect festive look in minutes. (Also read: Beauty tips: Skincare hacks that cost you nothing )

In a conversation with HT lifestyle, Sommya, Beauty Expert at Swiss Beauty, shared some beauty hacks that are easy, time-saving, and will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

1. Ice cube massage

An ice cube massage before applying makeup works wonders, especially for swollen eyes and puffy faces after late-night partying or maybe a stressful day. It’s a smart way to keep your pores tight and your skin fresh. Just rub an ice cube gently over your face and neck. This is an excellent technique for those who sweat a lot under those stunning yet heavy lehengas. Also, keep a handful of blotting sheets in your purse to remove any excess oil.

2. Set your base right

Follow the mantra ‘less is more’ and stick to minimal makeup. Also, avoid cream-based formulas as they tend to become oily and fade faster due to sweat and heat. Begin with a lotion or moisturizer as per your skin type. Then, apply primer. It makes your makeup last longer, sits better, and holds up in any situation. After that, apply an oil-free foundation using a brush or beauty blender. Don’t forget to fix the foundation with a tiny brush and some setting powder. For better coverage and long-lasting makeup, dab a generous amount of powder foundation instead of compact or loose powder.

3. Conceal, contour and bronze

Apply the concealer under your eyes in an inward triangular shape. It highlights your under-eye section more and keeps the concealer on the cheek area minimal. It is the perfect way to hide the under-eye dark circles. Next up is contouring. If you’ve got a round face and wish to look less plump, the results of a well-executed contour in the right shade can be remarkable. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to correct your nose or jawline; this method works everywhere!

Now, if you use a bronzer, ensure it is evenly distributed and that your face, neck, and shoulders all look the same shade. And, if you plan to wear a spray tan, test it a day or two before and use a foundation that matches your tan.

4. Enhance your look with well-done eyes

Most importantly, to keep your eye makeup on point, use a curler before applying mascara, as it will add volume and definition to your complete look. Lastly, finish up with a pop of blush on the apples of your cheeks, and apply a nude, wine, pink, or the lip shade of your choice. Voila! You are ready.

There are chances that you’ll get just minutes to get ready amid the back-to-back functions. On such occasions, these makeup hacks will level up your makeup game as you go on to adorn that perfectly gorgeous look.

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