Christmas sweets that can be toxic for your pets

Christmas countdown has begun and it’s the season of get-togethers with friends, family and well-wishers. All the malls, shopping complexes, restaurants, etc have started the preparation with decorative lights, Christmas themes, and festive music. Every place comes up with their version of Christmas decoration and most importantly food and festive drinks will be in focus as always. During this time of the year, people exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees, and enjoy lavish meals. While all of us wait eagerly to indulge in all the delicious Christmas food like candies, puddings, chocolates and cakes, we should be careful while sharing these treats with our pets as they can fall ill and even develop fatal health complications due to certain ingredients present in them. (Also read: Ways to look after your pet’s grooming needs this winter)

“Christmas treats are something we eagerly await but these treats might not be great for your four-legged friends,” says Dr Lalit Kenjale, Veterinary Officer, Wiggles.

Christmas sweets that are toxic for pets

Dr Kenjale also lists Christmas sweets can be toxic for your pets.


Chocolates are the most consumed sweets during the Christmas season and humans absolutely love chocolates but giving it to your pets might not be a great idea. Theobromine and caffeine present in chocolate can lead to fatal issues in pets and impact their vital organs like the heart, kidneys and nervous system. So the best thing would be to keep chocolates away from your pets’ reach.

Fruit cakes and Puddings

When it comes to food, Christmas is all about puddings and fruit cakes. Though humans love them, puddings and fruit cakes are extremely harmful for your pets. The contents like raisins, grapes, and extremely toxic nuts like macadamia nuts are extremely harmful for pets. Some sweets even contain alcohol which might cause damage to the pets. So even though you really feel like treating them with pudding or fruit cake, stop yourself for their health.

Milk and dairy sweets

Dairy products are not appropriate for pets. During Christmas whole loads of sweets is what make the celebrations sweet. Be it dogs or cats, milk and dairy products shouldn’t be given to them. Milk and dairy products contain lactose which isn’t good for pets as dogs and cats both are lactose intolerant and might upset their stomach.

Candies and Gum

Lots of candies, and gum are consumed on a large scale during the Christmas season. These candies or gum are high in sugar content and some even contain xylitol which is extremely toxic for pets and can cause hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure or can even be fatal.

Dr Kenjale says that xylitol-free peanut butter, chicken treats, etc can be the perfect Christmas treats for pets and can make their Christmas immensely joyful and fun without causing any harm.

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