Class 12 student attends class in medical college by flouting admission procedures

Kozhikode: Kerala police have said they have initiated an investigation into a complaint lodged by Kozhikode Medical College saying that a 12th standard student had recently attended MBBS class for four days without gaining admission. The police said they received a complaint and a probe was on.
“It’s not a case of submitting false documents or cheating. They said someone attended the class without following proper admission procedures. We are probing from all angles,” police said, adding that further details would be revealed after preliminary investigation.
Meanwhile, the college vice-principal K G Sajith Kumar said it came to their notice that one student was attending the class without following proper admission procedure.
“As many students reached late on the first day, all were allowed to sit in the class without verifying the admission card. It seems like the particular student attended the class for four days,” Kumar said.
The matter came to the notice of the college authorities when the student did not attend the class on the fifth day.
The class began on November 29 with 245 students.
“After the allotment, they are given an admission card after collecting their records. This student didn’t have the card. But on the first day, all those who reached the college were allowed to sit in the class without verifying the card,” Kumar said.
When the attendance register was prepared based on the card, college authorities found discrepancies with the preliminary attendance register in which there were 246 students.
Following this, the authorities realised there was one extra student who was there in the classroom for four days.