Commonwealth Games 2022 India Vs Australia Women Hockey FIH Apology Controversial Penalty Shootout India Vs Australia Hockey Semi-Final

New Delhi: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has apologized for the controversy that took place during the Indian women’s team’s semi-final match against Australia at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 and said it would thoroughly review the incident. The India vs Australia semi-final hockey match at CWG 2022 finished at 1-1 in the scheduled time. The controversy transpired during the penalty shootout.  

Australia’s Ambrosia Malone missed her first attempt during the penalty shootout. Now it was India’s turn to attempt a goal but just then the referee stopped India and Australia was given another chance as the eight-second countdown on the clock had not started. Malone did not give up when she got a second chance and scored a goal in the controversial retake to give her team the lead.

India’s women’s team eventually lost the semi-final match 0-3 in a shootout. Both the teams were tied 1-1 till regular time. Fans too expressed anger over the decision of the technical officials.

“The penalty shootout started mistakenly too early (the clock was not yet ready to operate), for which we apologise. This incident will be thoroughly reviewed by the FIH in order to avoid any similar issues in the future,” the statement said.

Talking more about the semi-final clash, the Indian women’s hockey team lost 0-3 to Australia in a shoot-out in the thrilling semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games after Vandana Katariya’s goal in the last minute helped them to fight for the bronze medal. India will now face New Zealand in the bronze medal match.