Could quitting the idea of going the extra mile for work become a solution for burnout?

The day you step foot into your workplace, you are filled with an inexplicable sense of achievement and pride—of starting a new journey to another high of success. You have finally made it into the corporate world where your only dream is to rise the success ladder and make sure you achieve the dreams that you have always been after. But what happens when work stress and burnout give a huge dent in your dreams?

That feeling of not being able to achieve anything or being just a sore loser is quite common, as one would perceive it to be. That overwhelming feeling of being stressed about your work can leave you feeling anxious. When nothing excites you in your work anymore, the only thing you look forward to is spending your time in bed, doing anything but work. But why does this laidback feeling keep hitting you hard, especially when you should be excited to work and grow in your career?

Feeling burnt out is no joke.

There comes a point in everyone’s work life when they feel extremely burnt out and this is due to the toxic work culture that promotes excess work glorification, without taking a break. That’s when the mindset of quitting a job arrives that leaves an employee with mixed feelings—
should I just quit the job? This thought has come into everyone’s minds countless times but not everyone has the courage to quit a job and take a break. After all, it’s important for earning a living.

To tackle such issues, youngsters are coming up with all sorts of trends and one such trend has seen an instant rise–the ‘quiet quitting’. This is when you aren’t outright quitting your job but you have mentally left your job and aren’t interested to go above and beyond to excel in your career. To be honest, when you’re quiet quitting, you are just existing.

You may get to a point in your career where you are putting work above everything else and this can be quite detrimental to your personal life. You may eventually think that quietly quitting can be a solution to all your problems because when you are overworked and burnt out, doing the bare minimum at your workplace makes sense. This may be an overly negative attitude but this is what many people end up doing. They just don’t want to go the extra mile in their work to achieve their goals and ambitions. Some employees just want to keep doing the same thing because they aren’t interested in their work anymore.

Some employees also believe that by doing this, they may bring back balance in their lives. All the paid leaves, cancelled vacations and pending trips can be brought back once again if one intends to quietly quit i.e retreat from work excellence and stay at par. When your mental health gets affected, your attempt to get back your time with family, partner or kids becomes a priority above work. At this stage, many people may come to the brink of quitting but they actually don’t…at least most of the time.

When is it time to change your job?

The fact that you intend to quietly quit your job is a major sign that you need to change your job fast. The feeling of being burnt out at work won’t go away soon nor will your intentions to quit the job, once you have accommodated the thought that your job is ‘just not doing it for you.’ This is when most people recommend quitting your job and finding a new one where you can bridge the gap between your personal and professional life in a more organised way, and concentrate on growing your career in a more accomplished way.

Remember, quiet quitting may be a temporary solution to being burnt out at the office, but it’s never THE permanent solution.

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