Crush And Hobi’s ‘Rush Hour’ Collaboration Of The Year

New Delhi: Korean singer-songwriter Shin Hyo-seob, popularly known as Crush, has released a second teaser for his upcoming single ‘Rush Hour’, as he makes a comeback after his military service. The music video of the song will feature BTS’ J-Hope and fans are eagerly looking forward to this collaboration. According to P NATION, the agency that represents crush, the video will be released on September 22, at 6 pm KST (2.30 PM IST). Crush had last collaborated with American artist David Bowden, popularly known by his stage name — Pink Sweat$.

The R&B track released in 2019 featured Pink Sweat$ and Crush switching verses, where the Korean star was seen performing in both Korean and English. Both stars shared several posts together on various social media platforms commemorating its release.

‘Rush Hour’ will be Jung Hoseok’s first appearance with another artist following the massive success of his album ‘Jack In The Box’. Much like the relationship Crush shared with Pink Sweat$, the artist has also been very close to J-Hope, which has been reflected in their social media posts.

P NATION and Crush had first made the official announcement about the new release on September 8 on social media, following which, the Korean singer-songwriter shared many other posters and a clip of the new single for fans to watch.

J-Hope shared a glimpse of his appearance in the music video on his Instagram handle on Tuesday following which, Instagram went abuzz with excited fans sharing posters and fan art of the collaboration.

J-HOPE, CRUSH and RUSH HOUR have also been among the top trends on Twitter today with BTS ARMY exhilarated by the release of the teaser which revealed J-Hope’s appearance in the upcoming video.

A Twitterati shared a short video clip of a Kmedia report about Crush’s ‘Rush Hour’ (feat. j-hope of BTS)’ release. “All eyes are on the synergy that the collab will create,” wrote the Twitter user.