Cute pet cat ‘convinces’ woman to go for a bike ride. Watch viral video

If you are someone who is familiar with cats and the lengths that they will go to in order to convince their humans to do something that they want, then this video might not come as much of a surprise to you. At the same time, it will also continue to make you chuckle out loud. This particular video that has been posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the cat who can be seen in this video along with its sibling, has been making people laugh out loud and go ‘aww,’ both at the same time. The Instagram page that this video has been shared on has more than 1.17 lakh dedicated followers on it.

It has been shared with the caption that reads, “Cutest tiny helmet.” The video opens to show how a cat and its human can be seen having somewhat of a staring contest with each other and ‘having a conversation’ as well. We won’t give away more than this but all you need to know is that by the end of this cat video, the feline ‘convinces’ its mom to go on a bike ride.

Watch it here:

Posted on September 14, this video has over 3.6 lakh likes on it so far. “I love your tiny helmet,” posted an Instagram user. “OMG, this is so cute. Love you both,” shared a second. “Ginger is so cute in her adorable little helmet,” complimented a third.