Delhi Schools To Assess Students On Happiness, Deshbhakti And Mindset Curricula Manish Sisodia

New Delhi: The Kejriwal-government on Friday introduced new assessment guidelines for government, government-aided and recognised unaided schools in Delhi, ANI reported. As per the new assessment guidelines, students of classes 3-8 will be assessed for Happiness and Deshbhakti curricula, while students of Class 9 and Class 11 will be assessed for Deshbhakti and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curricula. Class 11 will have an additional criterion for assessment, that is Business Blasters.

This will be a supplement to the already existing evaluation norms and are based on co-curricular and academic activity.

These assessments will emphasise the growth of social, ethical, and emotional capacities in addition to cognitive abilities.

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According to ANI, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who also holds the education portfolio, said in a statement, “In order to prepare students for real-world challenges in a world driven by information and technology and to maximise their innate potential, schools must prioritise competency-based learning.”

Sisodia said that the new assessment standards will motivate students to contribute to society’s advancement and added that marks obtained will not affect students to be promoted to the higher class.

Sisodia further added that “question papers will be set in a manner where students will have to answer questions based on the application of concepts of this curriculum in real-life/unfamiliar situations, ANI quoted him as saying. Students will also have unique project works based on the curriculum

“This new process of assessment will further strengthen the critical thinking and analytical abilities of the students. It will also help them get rid of the need for rote learning methods that create excessive and unnecessary stress on students during examinations,” Sisodia added.

The examinations will be conducted in a way to minimise chances of copying, favouritism, injustice and victimisation.


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