Dia Mirza says Avyaan’s bond with stepsister Samaira is ‘best thing in the world’

Actor, producer, UN environment GoodWill Ambassador, mother of a one-year-old, green entrepreneur and now an eco investor Dia Mirza is ending 2022 on a high note. She tells Hindustan Times how much she is privileged and grateful for the opportunities that allow her to fulfil the purpose of her life.

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The 41-year-old actor, who will be next seen in Anurag Kashyap’s Bheed, says, “I feel really privileged and grateful to be a part of films that follow my purpose. It helps me do something that actually makes a difference. It strikes some really important conversations and hopefully brings change. And, I always believe that storytelling through cinema is a powerful instrument for positive social change. Good, powerful, and meaningful stories, only make it worth it for being away from my children. So that they can watch it someday and recognise its real value of it.”

Besides Bheed, Dia is also a part of the all-female cast of the Tarun Dudeja’s upcoming, Dhak Dhak. Ask her what’s more in the pipeline, and she tells us she has more similar projects waiting next year. “I am happy that I am being offered meaningful work and what I look at with a great sense of respect. It’s nice to have a purpose in life and everything just follows through.”

But, did she have to keep constantly reminding people about the kind of work she wanted, or did it land naturally? “Now it comes naturally. It took many many years to find this space and it took certain work to be able to lead this way. The kind of work you say no to that sends the message out loud and clear. You kind of start getting the work that you look for.”

Dia recently invested in brands like Beco India, Shumee, Greendigo and Allter, which promote sustainability and promote healthy living. She explains her decision as an act to bring a change. “We have to think about where our heart is before putting in our money. Most of the mainstream products in the market are filled with chemicals and toxins, which most people are not given aware of. For example, who knew 5 years ago the sanitary napkin that is supposed to protect you is possibly contributing to cancer, PCOS.”

She believes that the only way one can change the scenario is by backing the companies that are doing the right thing for the environment. “As long as I can afford it I will keep investing in people and companies who are doing good. It’s just about being wise about my money and my time,” she added about her commitment to eco-sensitive entrepreneurship.

The actor also shared a bit of financial advice for women. “We have to own our money and make sure where it is going. We should ensure that our hard-earned money is going towards contributing to more good.”

Dia Mirza also shared how interesting her days at home have become with husband Vaibhav Rekhi, their son Avyaan Azad Rekhi (1) and her stepdaughter Samaira (13). “It’s really interesting. Vaibhav and I have a full spectrum at home. We have an infant and a teenager, and every emotion is there–the hormones of a teenager and the fascination of an infant discovering the world. It’s really interesting to see how bonded these two are, and how much they love each other. How their eyes and heart lit up in each other’s presence.”

Ask her about the equation between Avyaan and Samaira, Dia shares, “There’s so much about Avyaan’s curiosity that gets Samaira. She keeps saying ‘how does he like old music?’ I just say ‘we give him everything, from classics to contemporary. He is just the way he is, what do we do? He asks for it and we play’. He loves Strangers In The Night by Frank Sinatra and then Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke by Kishore Kumar. He says ‘Alexa Hum Hain, Alexa Na Na Na.’”

“They have already started fighting about playing whose music in the car. He would say ‘Na Na’. and Samaira would be like ‘no, Avyaan I can’t bear to hear the song one more time’” adds the Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein actor with a laugh and calls it great fun. “But, every day is not all laugh. It’s hard work and super challenging. But it’s such a great thing to see their bond, it’s just the best thing in the world,” she signed out.