Difference in dating perspective and preferences for men and women

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Men and women are not only divided by their physical orientation but also by their perception to live their life in a certain way which is oriented to their gender and is a mix of innate behaviors or some aspects that are conditioned within them over time during their growing phase. To put it generally, a man is more diligent in knowing “what’s next” in a relationship and does not engage as much in cuddling or living in the moment while on the contrary, a woman is more planted in her approach and values intimacy with a feeling of care and compassion.

There’s also a distinctive quality wherein men talk to share information or ideas whereas women like communicating about feelings and thoughts hence, they tend to use more words than men. Let’s understand how these underlying traits differentiate dating perspectives and preferences for men and women.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Tanisha Kanani and Priyanka Ghura, Founders of Not So Arranged, revealed, “While the end goal is the same, to find a partner for a serious relationship, the dating perspectives between men and women during the first initial meetings are quite varied. Men give a high preference first to physical appearances and then they look at everything else.”

They added, “For women, there are two things that we’ve noticed that they look for. First one is a connection and two, is to see if their lifestyles match enough for them to consider taking it forward. While all these perspectives are important for a long-term, meaningful relationship, the order of priority between men and women is different.”

Commenting on the same, Ruchita Sud, Relationship Expert at Aisle, pointed out, “When it comes to serious dating, expectations from both men and women are surprisingly similar in terms of finding a partner who will fit in with their family and friend circles. Typically, female users pay higher attention to app safety and privacy features when compared to men. This may include using only their initials on their dating profile, or actively using ‘block’ and ‘report’ features whenever required. Overall, male users tend to be more proactive with matches and making the first move. That being said, a lot of things have changed post the pandemic. Both men are women are found to be more straightforward about their expectations from a relationship.”