Different kinds of tail wags by Golden Retriever dog duo will win your heart

Siblings often do the cutest things together that end up becoming some of the most delightful sights to behold. And guess what becomes even more precious? It is when the siblings are some adorable pets, be it cats or dogs, The video has been shared on the Instagram page that is dedicated to these adorable golden retriever dogs named Lizzie and Ally. And there is a good chance that this video will have a similar effect on you as it has been having on people who have been watching it. The video begins with a variety of synchronised tail wags performed by this wonderful couple of dogs.

The page that this video has been shared on has more than 4.49 lakh dedicated followers on it who look forward to regular updates in the form of photos and videos of these golden retriever dogs. The caption to this particular video reads, “Which one is your favourite? It’s the synchronized feather dusters for me. Always pure joy and a serotonin boost!”

Watch it here:

Posted on September 7, the video has over 2.14 lakh likes on it as of now. It has also received various sweet comments on it and the numbers only keep rising.

“You sure I have to choose?” adorably asked an Instagram user. “The happiness is in the tails,” pointed out another individual. “Love this. There is legit no better feeling then seeing the wag,” posted a third.