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Diwali 2022: Burn injuries are common during Diwali and people get them while bursting crackers. This is the reason many elders will tell you to keep a bucket of water near you in case something goes awry. In case of such injuries, many people tend to make certain mistakes that could add to their trouble. One must be aware of the first aid tips in order to best deal with burn injuries. While mild ones get better in no time, serious ones may even require certain procedures. If you too are planning to burst crackers this Diwali, take note of these very important tips to deal with burn injuries from experts. (Also read: Diwali 2022 Puja: How to perform Lakshmi Puja at home? Shubh muhurat, puja vidhi and all ritual details inside)

What’s the first thing you should do after getting burn injury

“Come Diwali and we start seeing an increase in the number of burn cases. There are a lot of misconceptions in treating burn injuries. Usually, we see patients coming to us having applied various sorts of things on their burns. The right thing to do in case of any burn is that one should move away from the site of fire and place the burnt part under normal temperature running water (tap water) Usually, people start looking for ice to treat the burnt part but that can be counter-productive and the injury may increase,” says Dr Shilpi Bhadani, Plastic, and Aesthetic surgeon, Founder SB Aesthetics, Gurugram.

“After placing the burnt part in running tap water for five minutes, the area should be wrapped with a clean cotton cloth and taken to the nearby health facility. In case the burn is of a larger surface area then the patient may need IV fluids and then they will be referred to a plastic surgeon for the needful. In case of smaller burns, it can be treated at a local health facility but the right expert to deal with burns is a plastic surgeon and one must have a consult with a Plastic Surgeon to have the best possible outcome in case of any burn injury,” adds Dr Bhadani.

Dos and don’ts after getting burn injury during Diwali

Dr Bhadani further suggests things one should and should not do after getting a burn injury.

– Avoid applying any toothpaste, vegetable peels or any other home remedies in case burn injuries as they may cause more harm.

– Many a time cracker burns are caused on the hand and the same protocol should be followed however in case of a blast injury, one must be rushed to a nearby hospital to get treated and not wash the injured part at home as that may not be possible and may lead to bleeding.

– The injured part should be kept elevated to get relief from pain. To have a good outcome visiting an expert is the right approach so that vital hours are not wasted.

– In case of very small burns where the skin has not blistered or peeled, aloe Vera gel may be applied. For small areas where the skin has peeled one can apply silver sulphadiazene ointment.

– Another misconception about burn wound is that the wound should be kept open. The burn wounds must have a closed dressing in order to heal well. An antibiotic ointment protects from infection and that should be applied on the burnt surface.

– Small areas of burns in kids can be serious so all paediatric burns must be taken early to the medical facility so that the golden hours are not wasted and the child has an earlier medical care.

Prevention: How to avoid burn injuries

“Prevention is better than cure so ideally we should not have burns in the first place and for that it is important that we exercise caution with crackers, diyas and candles. Do not wear loose fitting clothes or flowy dupattas near fire. Only cotton clothing should be worn as the synthetic clothings stick to the body surface after burn and cause more grievous injury. Be attentive near fire and prevent the burn in the first place,” says Dr Bhadani.

Dr. Kaveshwar Ghura, HOD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Marengo QRG Hospital, Faridabad shares more prevention tips to avoid burn injuries.

1. Wear tight clothes, avoid wearing loose clothes.

2. Wear cotton clothes.

3. Avoid burning crackers in hand.

4. Throw hot burning crackers and diyas in a secured place.

5. In case of fire in clothes do not run, remove clothes immediately and put water over burn areas for 15 minutes.

6. Always keep a bucket of water near you.

7. Do not let childrens unattended while lighting diyas and burning crackers.

8. Not only make Diwali safe for yourself but also for others.

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