Elon Musk To Relaunch Twitter Blue Check Subscription On November 29

Twitter chief Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that the suspended Twitter blue tick subscription will be relaunched on November 29. Sharing the update on Twitter Musk wrote, “Punting relaunch of Blue Verified to November 29th to make sure that it is rock solid.”

Last week, Musk said that Twitter Blue will probably come back end of next week. The much-debated subscription-based blue tick verification labels were suspended on 11 November after it was launched.

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The social media platform started charging $8 to users who wanted that premium blue tick verification badge. However, several fake “verified” accounts mushroomed on Twitter forcing the platform to reverse its decision.

The company’s trust and safety team had pointed out the scamming, as per the Verge report. . The document, obtained by Verge, said: “Motivated scammers/bad actors could be willing to pay … to leverage increased amplification to achieve their ends where their upside exceeds the cost.”

The team also mentioned Impersonation. “Impersonation of world leaders, advertisers, brand partners, election officials, and other high profile individuals.”

Countering the fake account, Musk tweeted that any account trying to impersonate someone else would be disabled unless they declare it’s a parody account.

The social media platform had launched a new verification badge, a grey tick marking accounts as “official,” to counteract the rise in fake accounts. Musk later announced ‘killing’ the new grey verification badge designed to label government accounts, major brands and media outlets adding to the chaos after the company announced several changes since the world’s richest man took over the reins.

Meanwhile, Musk on Tuesday said Twitter in India was slow “even on latest iPhone”. “Twitter is very slow in India, Indonesia and many other countries. This is a fact, not a ‘claim’. 10 to 15 secs to refresh homeline tweets is common. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all, especially on Android phones. The only question is how much delay is due to bandwidth/latency/app,” Musk tweeted.

“Worth noting that Twitter in India and many other countries is slow even on latest iPhone,” Musk said.