Elon Musk Twitter Employee Warning WFH Cancel Perks 80 Hour Work Week Layoff Attrition

Elon Musk is coming down hard on Twitter’s employees amidst reports of mass layoffs across the world. The billionaire entrepreneur recently took over the microblogging platform with a $44-billion deal and proposed an array of changes to the company’s policies, including a reduction of the workforce to cut down costs. As a result, Twitter laid off nearly half of its employees across the globe. Now, in his first email to employees, Musk has reportedly laid out a set of stern rules that include 80-hour work weeks, and immediate layoffs if new rules aren’t adhered to.

‘We all need to be more hardcore’

For starters, Musk warned Twitter employees to brace for work weeks that could last up to 80 hours, as reported by Bloomberg based on source inputs. He also ended work-from-home flexibilities that became prevalent among employees since the pandemic era. If employees choose not to turn up at the office, Musk reportedly said, “If you don’t want to come, resignation accepted.” Employees can only work remotely if he personally approves it.

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The new chief also noted that offices will now offer fewer perks — no more free food, for example. 

When questioned about attrition, Musk said, “We all need to be more hardcore.”

‘Difficult times ahead’

Discussing Twitter’s future and finances, Musk reportedly said the company should move with urgency in order to make the revamped Twitter Blue — now priced at $7.99 per month — appealing enough to lure users to subscribe to it. 

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As per a source aware of his working style, as reported by Bloomberg, Musk wants employees to believe that Twitter will land in troubled waters if they don’t work hard. 

Musk also added that he wishes to introduce payments, more conversational ads, and interest-bearing checking accounts to Twitter. The new head said that onboarding to Twitter app should be smoother, just like TikTok.

Musk warned that employees should brace for “difficult times ahead” and that there was “no way to sugarcoat the message”.