Every Child In Gujarat Will Prosper If AAP Comes To Power: Kejriwal, Takes Dig At Sonia, Shah

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, declared on Sunday that if the people of Gujarat elect the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in the upcoming elections, every child in the state will succeed, as per a PTI report. The assembly elections in Gujarat are due in the month of December this year. In the meantime, Kejriwal, and Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann addressed the youth of Ahmedabad, where Kejriwal targeted both the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress Party in Gujarat. 

According to the PTI report, the Delhi CM and AAP national convener said, “I was seeing a wonderful message being shared in a Gujarat WhatsApp group that I follow. It says, if you vote for Congress, then Sonia Gandhi’s son will prosper. If you vote for BJP, (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah’s son will prosper, and if you vote for AAP, then every single child of Gujarat will prosper.” 

Kejriwal added that just like the AAP governments have provided 12 lakh jobs in Delhi and 20,000 in Punjab in less than six months, in the same way, the party would provide 10 lakh jobs in Gujarat, if it comes to power.   

Listing the “job calendar” for Gujarat he said the AAP will provide the jobs by filling teachers’ posts in schools, opening new colleges and mohalla clinics, and providing more doctors and health care staff in hospitals.  

In addition to that, he promised to pay an unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month to the youth of the state till they get a job.  

“I believe if 10 lakh jobs are less, we will be able to provide 20 lakh government jobs in five years,” Kejriwal added to what he had said earlier. 

Kejriwal claimed people have been voting for BJP probably due to lack of choices, stating the Congress Party to be “worse”. Talking about his own party, Kejriwal added that, this time the people of Gujarat have better options to choose from, as AAP will also be competing in the elections, which Kejriwal says- “is an honest party with fresh faces and new politics.”  

According to Kejriwal, “Leaders of both the BJP and Congress have stolen so much of public money that if their properties are sold, then I believe the entire debt of Gujarat can be paid.”; says the PTI report. 

Kejriwal also promised the citizens of Gujarat to spend every single penny on them and not let it be stolen. Not just that, he would also raise money by stopping theft and corruption, as he would stop the “loot” carried out by leaders of the other two parties, reported PTI. 

A young group of people is supposed to have been shouting “Modi, Modi” when Kejriwal had come out of the airport in Vadodara recently, to which Kejriwal said he would not ask them to change their slogan. 

“I would like to tell you from this stage that I will never ask you to change your slogan, you are free to raise a slogan for him. But if we form a government, we will give you a job and unemployment allowance as well. Those people shouting slogans are also ours. The entire country is ours, the entire Gujarat is ours,” he said, as per the PTI report. 

Also, targeting the Gujarat BJP government over cases of exam question paper leak, Kejriwal said, “Leaders who have played with the future of the youth will be sent to jail. We will ensure there is no paper leak in Gujarat. And if anyone dares, we will bring a law with a provision of 10 years imprisonment.”    

Punjab CM Mann also urged the youth to use their energy positively to change the government in Gujarat. 

As per PTI, the AAP leader stated, “For the first time it has happened in 27 years that Amit Shah went to inaugurate a government school. He is forced to pay attention to the education sector, but didn’t do so in the past,”   

Mann claims that the AAP has established the narrative that politics based on religion, caste, and allurement money would fail and said that, votes will be given only on the politics of work. 

Mann also claimed the BJP and said its leaders only know how to speak and not to listen to the public. 

(with inputs from PTI)