Everything You Need To Know About Sound Healing

Everything You Need To Know About Sound Healing

There are so many alternative therapies around the world that provide effective healing, sound therapy being one of them. This is an underrated therapy that has been practised since ancient times. It is widely practised in the West and is gaining popularity in other parts of the world including India. The whole concept of this therapy is to heal the mind and body through sound vibrations. It is proven that sound healing can not reduce psychological or mental woes but can also lessen physical pains. Read on as Dr Anju Sharma, Sound healing Master, Psychic Reformer and Holistic-wellness Coach shares everything about sound healing.

Sound therapy might be a new term but we have been practising this forever. Just like how we feel better after listening to music, different sounds have a different impacts on the human body. This healing therapy works on the principle of sound vibrations that bring balance, resonance and harmony to the human body. Taking this therapy can boost physical, psychological, emotional and mental issues.

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

Dr Anju explains everything in the universe has a frequency, including the human body. When our frequency matches something with the same frequency band, it creates a positive effect that can also heal a persistent problem. In simpler terms, you experience different kinds of emotions with different songs as their bandwidths are distinct.

Sound healing therapy uses various instruments to create sounds to bring vibrational balance in the body. The vibrations released reach the mind, slow down brain waves and process healing. The person taking the therapy feels like bathing in the sound which creates a positive sense of well-being.

Types Of Sound And Sound Healing Instruments: 

Due to the difference in sound frequencies, we react to each sound differently. For example, honking vehicles have a higher frequency that releases unsafe vibrations. On the other hand, flute music can be extremely soothing and calming. In a nutshell, there are different types of sounds including audible, inaudible, noisy, pleasing, rhythmic, and loud, to name but a few.

In sound healing, the types of sounds used include instrumental music, natural music and the human voice. A sound therapist would use these individually or collectively to resolve your concerns. The common instruments used during sound therapy are Tibetan bowls, sound baths, tuning forks, gongs and chimes.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

Sounds signal your brain which helps every cell recuperate. In Dr Anju’s words, sound therapy can dis-ease a disease. This therapy is extensively used to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, release tension, ease muscle stress, enhance cognition, lessen physical pain, boost memory power and strengthen concentration, all without side effects. In a nutshell, this is a safe and effective therapy.