Eye care beauty products are gender neutral!

The beauty industry has met a long overdue trend of encouraging gender-neutral eye-care products and services. Under-eye care is a basic necessity whether you are female, male, transgender, gay, straight, non-binary, young, or old. Initially, the eye makeup industry was dominated by female-centric products. The emergence of men’s beauty and care has paved the way for gender-neutral cosmetics. Dark circles, discoloration, fine lines, under-eye bags, and puffiness can happen to anyone due to sleeplessness, stress, poor diet, or ageing. It is completely normal and has nothing to do with a person’s gender suggests, Anjula Masurkar, Clinical Director ENTOD Pharmaceuticals. She shares her insights on gender neutral eye care products

Consumer-focused communication

Healthcare and the beauty industry have realized the importance of consumer-focused communication: a strategy that suits all. Today we see markets full of gender-neutral products, whose packaging has also revised from gender-specific hues to more neutral tones. Signages are showcasing gender-neutral advertisements and concepts in a lot of public places.

Some brands have adapted nanotechnology for creating under-eye gel serums and such innovations have shown tremendous success. Understanding that this is just a medical aid and spreading communication related to it with no gender biases will create a greater impact. Under-eye care is for everyone who wishes to take care of themselves in the best possible way.

The commendable job done by social media platforms

Social media platforms have been feasible to spread awareness related to a lot of issues globally. Breaking stereotypes is just one among them. Influencers are promoting eye care in their posts and reels receiving positive comments and support from millions of people. Instagrammers are winning to excel in every niche and create a community which then supports breaking social stigmas and stereotypes. Eyecare is rapidly spreading in the world of social media.

when it comes to eyewear. Social media influencers have struck an amazing market for creative eyewear products, pushing the concept of unisex eyewear products. According to IMARC Group, Unisex eyewear products account for a share of two-thirds of the total market size. This is attributed to the product designs for all genders.

Breaking the stereotype

Puffiness, dark circles, or bags don’t see gender, can happen to anyone. The under-eye serums created are for eradicating the problems from the human eye and gender is not the criterion here. Everyone is affected by these conditions. Eyecare products projected at getting rid of these conditions have a hidden motive of enhancing beauty. Supporting something like this is not only a bad attitude but also hiding the actual knowledge of self-care that needs to be highlighted. Eye issues can reduce the quality of life for anyone. Taking away someone’s right to get the proper medical aid just because they don’t belong to a particular gender is inhuman.


Medical aids for any disease are generally applicable for any gender, the same should be in the case of under-eye health. Healthy habits and proper sleep should be promoted instead of improper information that sidetracks other genders. Issues can happen to anyone. Having gender equity-based solutions needs utmost attention so that we do not leave anyone behind. Let us change the way we look at things around us to attain equal care for everyone.