Father Of Murdered Uttarakhand Teen Tells NDTV

He also demanded that the full autopsy report be made available to him immediately.

Srinagar, Uttarakhand:

The murdered Uttarakhand receptionist’s father has called for the accused men to be hanged. He also demanded that the full autopsy report be made available to him immediately and the case be fast tracked.

Speaking to NDTV, he said he had informed the cops on September 18 itself — the day his 19-year-old daughter disappeared. “The police did a good job with the investigation later, but the patwari (revenue officer) is to blame. He was lax in his work,” he said, adding that he hasn’t yet demanded any monetary compensation from the state.

Relatives of the victim and locals have blocked the Srinagar-Kedarnath highway. They say the administration hasn’t yet acted on all their demands, and they will keep protesting until it does.

On Saturday, a call recording of the state’s top cop Ashok Kumar was posted by the state police, where he was heard assuring the victim’s father that he would try to get all the accused hanged to death. 

Meanwhile, the main accused Pulkit Arya’s father, former BJP leader Vinod Arya, today described his son as a seedha sadha balak (a simple boy) and denied all allegations against him.

Seedha sadha balak hai (he is a simple boy). He is only concerned about his work. I want justice for both my son Pulkit and the murdered woman,” Mr Arya said. 

The BJP expelled him and his son Ankit Arya, the accused’s brother, amid massive blowback over the gruesome murder. Vinod Arya, however, claimed, that he himself resigned from the party yesterday to ensure a fair and impartial investigation in the case.

“Pulkit is innocent, still I have resigned from the BJP to ensure a fair investigation. My son Ankit has also resigned,” he said.

Pulkit Arya, who owned the resort in Rishikesh where the woman worked as a receptionist, was arrested on Friday along with resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar and assistant manager Ankit Gupta. All three accused were roughed up by angry locals who stopped the police vehicle in which they were being ferried to the court. The local BJP MLAs car was also vandalised and she had to be whisked away by cops to safety.

Anger has spilled to the streets as details of the murder emerged during the investigation. 

WhatsApp text messages from the murdered Uttarakhand woman to her friend seem to confirm allegations that the teenager was being forced into prostitution by the accused men. 

Uttarakhand top cop Ashok Kumar has also said that the teenager, whose body was fished out of a canal yesterday morning, was being pressured by the resort owner to provide “special services” to guests.