Feed stray cattle data into state-run ‘goashrya’ portal: UP govt orders DMs

LUCKNOW: To get rid of the stray cattle menace through the use of recently-launched ‘goashrya’ portal, the Uttar Pradesh government has directed all district magistrates to feed data relating to stray cattle, cow protection centres, and financial expenditures into the state-run website.

A government order issued by chief secretary of the animal husbandry department, Rajnish Dubey, states that the goashray portal and its mobile application — developed by the state government — aims at the collection of stray cattle data. The portal shows this collected data through a dashboard and makes all the information available in the public domain.

The government has also asked DMs to ensure that funds for maintenance of cow protection are transferred through the public financial management system. This, the order says, will bring transparency to the transactions. As per the government order, 6,384 cow protection centres have been established in the state since 2019. Also, nine lakh stray cattle have been rescued. Meanwhile, another 1.47 lakh stray cattle have been adopted by people.

“Stray cattle are among the government’s top priority. Hence, I am directed to ask you to ensure the online feeding of all the data related to cow protection centres and stray cattle,” read the order. Besides issuing an order, the government has also started to train the concerned staff to use the portal and the app effectively to upload data.