“Females twice more likely to suffer from long COVID”: WHO releases alarming data on sufferers and symptoms

Apart from the symptoms mentioned there are certain other complications that are linked with long COVID.

Several studies have associated hair loss with long COVID. A research study had telogen effluvium or excessive hair shedding is associated with COVID. The study found that this condition occurs one to two months following a COVID infection and more than 60% people experience this condition.

Another major complication due to long COVID is tinnitus or ringing sensation in ears. An annoying ringing or buzzing sensation in the ear has been seen in many people following COVID infection. Earlier there was not enough research on this, however gradually after more such reports came to fore researchers grew interested in this and found a link between the two conditions.

Other complications related to long COVID are tachycardia, digestive issues, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

Skin issues are also seen in many people following COVID infection.